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2017 Varsity Baseball Championship

The FICAA just completed its 2016-2017 sports season with the conclusion of the 2017 Varsity Baseball Championship Tournament. Champion, Wakulla Christian, beat Runner-Up and Tournament Host, Inspiration Academy, in a great 4-2 game. Congratulations to all of our participating schools: Community Christian, Zephyrhills Christian Academy, Inspiration Academy, and Tournament Champion Wakulla Christian.


The FICAA exists to serve the Christian schools in the state of Florida through athletics and fine arts according to Biblical standards that would seek to glorify God first.

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Equitable Competition

We are committed to providing equitable competition in all sports based on school enrollment. This allows schools that may feel overlooked by other athletic associations to compete against schools of similar enrollment.

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Building Champions

The FICAA operates with the vision to "Build Champions Inside and Out". Although not everyone can win a state title, everyone can become a champion when they compete in a way that honors God.

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State-Wide Competition

The FICAA is designed to consolidate the Christian conferences, as well as though schools not associated with a conference, throughout the state to compete in tournaments that would produce one statewide champion.

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Spiritual Needs

The FICAA is, and will always be, ministry first and an athletic association second. We seek to glorify God in all…

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Become a Member School

Become a Member School today! You can register to become a member online today! Pay online, or register online and receive…

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The new Florida Independent Christian Athletic Association, or FICAA, will exist to serve the Christian schools and to provide a Christ-centered environment for equitable competition throughout the state of Florida. We hope to unite all the Christian schools and Christian school conferences under one central organization. There are a number of conferences already doing a great job locally. We do not have any intentions of taking over something that is working well for any school or conference. Our vision is to bring them all together for a post-season playoff. We will provide quality state-wide tournaments in all sports that have the minimum number of participants. We will also be able to provide regular season coordination for schools that are not already in a conference.

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We are so grateful for all of our sponsors. Whether they are sponsoring our organization or any of our events, the FICAA…

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FICAA 2016-2017 Tournament Dates See the below calendar for the 2016-2017 tournament dates. More information will be released as it is available.    …

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You can find all of the most recent news regarding the FICAA and other FICAA-related happenings on our “News” page. The latest…

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